Haider Ali Bhatti

Haider Ali Bhatti is a PhD student studying science education at UC Berkeley. He works in both the Integrative Biology department and the Graduate School of Education, searching for ways to improve how STEM is taught to college students.

Peter Kloess

Peter Kloess is a PhD student studying vertebrate paleontology at UC Berkeley. In order to quantify the differences between turtle genera, Peter uses museum collections to perform CT scans on fossilized skulls.

Teena Bajaj

Teena Bajaj is a PhD student studying comparative biochemistry at UC Berkeley. After the arrival of COVID-19, she began studying compounds that could slow the coronavirus’s growth by inhibiting its key proteins.

Alexander Alvara

Alexander Alvara is a PhD student studying mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley. With a focus on microscale and nanoscale science, he designs, creates and tests small components for various projects, including ones related to space exploration.

Sara Kahanamoku

Sara Kahanamoku is a PhD student studying integrative biology at UC Berkeley. Using ocean cores from the Santa Barbara Basin, she studies the human impacts on ocean communities over time.

Goni Halevi

Goni Halevi is a PhD student studying computational astrophysics at Princeton University. She simulates the disks created when white dwarfs merge with neutron stars or black holes to study the interplay of nuclear burning and fluid dynamics.

Kwasi Wrensford

Kwasi Wrensford is a PhD student studying animal behavior at UC Berkeley. Through fieldwork and archival data from the past 100 years, he investigates animals’ responses to climate change in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Maryam Sedaghatpour

Maryam is a PhD student studying evolutionary biology at UC Berkeley. Her research will take her to the eastern Mediterranean to study the biodiversity of vascular plants, as well as regional conservation efforts.